peace of shit. no allegiance.

even doing something so simple as sitting at a restaurant with you felt so surreal. it hasn’t even been 24 hours since I arrived here and every minute of it has been incredible.

Soooo many frs’ in Seattle. never see em back home lol.

#sobeautifulwishyouwerehere ///
and im on my way to be there. (at en route)

nekotofu replied to your post “i hate the fact that StanceWorks is named stanceworks cause other than…”

I was thinking about this the other day. I mean when stanceworks was conceived the word “stance” wasn’t really shit on like it is now, but I feel like the name has made a contribution that shitting. I wonder how Mike feels about it honestly…

exactly. it doesnt bother me personally so much as i feel like theres a great deal of people who discredit the site and its coverage because it can be easily confused with the thousands of idiots poorly running sites or instagram pages with the same kind of name. however stanceworks is far from that. 

i guess its the same way “stanced” cars are cool but i hate people calling cars stanced. it just makes it seem like it was only done to fit something, and that would be lame no matter how the car is built.

i hate the fact that StanceWorks is named stanceworks cause other than that its awesome

in less than 12 hours im boarding a plane to cross the country.

so surreal…this is the biggest thing ive ever decided to do in my life. its crazy how a single person (even one youve never met in person) can cause such feelings to do incredible things like this. money is just money. but in this case its money that ive slaved for for months, and when i return ill have very little left, if any at all. yet i feel no regret whatsoever. even if it meant i got to see her smile in person just once, i would still do it.

there is no amount of worth that you can place on love. no word, no number, no dollar sign. 

ill see you soon.