peace of shit. no allegiance.


Yo I think I may really wanna pursue that car shop/cafe one day.

Garage in the back of the building, with a cafe in the front. A big cafe that has enough room to store one or two cars in the cafe ala the illest outlet in Costa Mesa. A big parking lot for a weekly Cars and Coffee event, too!

Only the finest coffees yada yada but I’d really want it to be social in there with a rad vibe.

Combining the two things I like most 😍

part of my entire idea in the future is to have a garage/hangout spot/pizza joint/arcade all in one sorta. never gonna actually happen because I’m the only one that cares about my thing, so hopefully your idea works out. lol.


My dumb monster truck is receiving some preloved side skirts from a certain Canadian up north next week.

codyvaller replied to your post “codyvaller replied to your photo “rhode island hard style.” Instagram…”

i understand that, as someone who posts things and instantly deletes them if they don’t look right on my profile.

man, i do the same. 

but thats part of the reason i think instagram is cool. for me its a lot different than tumblr, where you can explain or express an entire feeling or experience because posting multiple things at once (photoset/text post/multiple posts/etc) is a normality. i think instagram causes me to place more importance on finding one image to represent a feeling or experience in a certain time frame. i think emotionally its stressing in a positive way on me to go through that process though.

or im retarded.